Thorunn’s Ghost and Grave in Vikings Season 5 Part 2


In Episode 14 of Vikings Season 5, the fourth of part 2, the pregnant wife of Helgi goes missing. At night, in a thunderstorm, her ghost approaches Floki when he sits alone outside beside the fire and tells him who murdered her, how it happened and where are remains lie. I’m no expert in the Icelandic family sagas, but I did at least recognise that this scene embodies in a sincere way clear inspiration from the ghost story elements of Icelandic medieval tales. The ghost is not a wispy presence, but a very corporal ghost – a draugr. Yet rather than a force of malign violence and death, this draugr comes to Floki in the flesh to speak of her death, displaying her death-wound, and point the way to her grave and thus her killer. Thorunn even names her killer. It feels very much like a good mix of Icelandic…

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