Kentigern, Serf and the Loch Leven Mystery

Wizard of the North

‘Priory remains on St Serf’s Inch’ Pic: William Starkey Wikimedia Commons licence

Sir Walter Scott, writing in his 1817 novel, ‘Rob Roy‘, describes the first meeting of the novel’s two main characters, Rob Roy and Francis Osbaldistone, in the crypt of Glasgow Cathedral; itself one of the finest examples of Scottish Gothic architecture, built between the Thirteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, to have survived the Reformation. One of the primary casualties of that Reformation, in the region of Strathclyde at least, was the Shrine of St. Kentigern, the first recorded Bishop of the ancient North British Kingdom of Alclud; whose dynasty was closely linked to that of Dark Age Rheged in the south; a kingdom which stretched from Cumbria and the Scottish Borders in the north, right the way down to South Lancashire at its southernmost proximity. Before the foundation of the See of Strathclyde, the Kingdom of…

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