I’m Doubting Christianity- A Response To Andrew Garfield

The Dancing Enigma

I’m not a political person and I try not to push my beliefs on those who are uninterested in hearing but Andrew Garfield just publicly stated that he doesn’t have much knowledge of the Bible and used to be a self-proclaimed atheist yet I think he understands a relationship with Jesus Christ better than a lot of Christians I know; myself being at the top of that list. A life of doubt is the goal; not the enemy.

It’s applicable, as he says this in a time of blind beliefs. It’s acceptable to take the simplest form of an opinion and cash it in as truth. No one questions anything anymore. Who is Jesus Christ? Did He really exist? What’s the point of human existence? What if Jesus isn’t real? What if we die and then there’s just… blackness? If God loves perfectly and if God is love; does God love…

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