Andrew Garfield Is My Spiritual Director

Sara Holliday

ME: Wow—Hacksaw Ridge and now Silence—Andrew Garfield is my spiritual director.
MY SPOUSE: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

File Jan 17, 10 02 58 PM.png EYEBROWS.

That’s a joke. Andrew Garfield is not my spiritual director. Though if you’re reading this, Mr. Garfield, you’re awesome. Love the eyebrows.

But seriously: following an interestingly mixed career that swung (sorry) from The Social Network to The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield’s 2016 releases provided me a one-two punch at just the right time. Interviews suggest that he made them right atop one another, too, using new and overlapping skills.

His two characters—Father Sebastião Rodrigues the 17th-century Portuguese Jesuit and Desmond Doss the 20th-century American Seventh-Day Adventist—share almost nothing other than their capacities to be played by the same actor and have problems in Japan. If they met, they wouldn’t be able to converse. They occupy the same religious tradition in only the broadest sense. But within…

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