Actor Andrew Garfield longs to spread teachings of Christ, after making movie ‘Silence’

Fellowship of the Minds

UPDATE (Jan. 11, 2017):

I just read a review of this movie in Crisis magazine. I withdraw my recommendation for Silence. From the review’s conclusion:

“Believers hoping for a film that explores Christian ideas from an authentic Christian context—should skip this one. Silence should also not be seen by the young, or those whose faith is not strong as the theology in this movie is complex, clever and seductive.”


Here’s a ray of light from the wasteland of anti-Christian Hollywood.

He is Andrew Garfield, the actor who first got notice by playing Spiderman.

Garfield is starring in two new movies that are generating Oscar buzz:

  • Mel Gibson’s come-back-from-disgrace flick, Hacksaw Ridge, about a WWII heroic, Christian conscientious objector.
  • Martin Scorcese’s 40-years-in-the-making movie, Silence, about Jesuit missionaries in feudal Japan of the 1600s when Christianity was suppressed and Christian missionaries were hounded and killed. Movie critic Roger…

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