How One Lone Dutchman Put An End to Christianity

Biblical Landmarks

There are two things that get people upset: taxation and famine. Put them together and you have a mixture ready to make war.

This was the case in the mid 1630’s in the Shimabara Peninsula and Amakusa Islands regions in Japan. The area at that time was predominantly Christian; at one time under the lordship of the Amari family who were Christians. They were ousted in 1614 and the new lord, Matsukura Shigemasa, had plans to advance himself within the shogunate hierarchy.

Things have not changed much in centuries, because the way to ingratiate yourself as a public official is to have a public works campaign, one that impresses people. So Matsukura Shigemasa planned a new public works program, restoring old castles and planning new ones. But the public works needed to be financed; taxation was increased. So also was a ban on Christianity, and Christians were repressed violently. Nearby…

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