Reasonings on the Havamal

The Autarkist

The Havamal, or Song of the High One, is a collection of ancestral advise attributed to the Norse God of Wisdom, Alfather Odin. It is a poem that consists of 164 stanzas and is part of the Poetic Edda which, along with the Prose Edda makes up the Eddas, or scriptures of Asatrú, one of the native religions of Europe.

It seems to have been a collection of advise from elders, wise people, and old people that was gathered and remembered by skalds (griots, or wandering poets and performers). It uses mnemonic devices like rhyme to facilitate memorization of the verses. Eventually these collectors of wisdom invented alphabets and wrote down their lore: the magical alphabet of the runes is attributed to Odin.

The Havamal refers to Odin (here known as Hárr, or the High One) as the prototype of the traditional oracular priests who were initiated via a…

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