Sheep and Goats in Norse Myth and Life

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53455Sheep and goats were both common food animals during the Iron Age, although oddly enough there are no images of sheep from the pre-Christian period. There aren’t a lot of goats, either, but there are a few among the rock carvings on the west coast of Sweden and the east central part. Another, well-known, image is of a goat is from a golden horn from Gallehus in Denmark. The actual horn was stolen and melted down, but luckily there are drawings of the decoration on the horn.

Some of the imagery is quite odd, including the three-headed man. He stands above an animal that is definitely a goat. Another image on a gold bractate may or may not be a goat; the horns could also be the pricked ears of a horse. The animals on the bractates are stylized, and often composed of bits of different animals, like heraldic ones…

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