The new incarnation and the old (more on wigs & male hats); then a handy blog list & conference paper

Love this blog and I love all versions of Poldark! I read the books when they first came out, then I watched the 1975 TV series and absolutely loved it! Now I love the new version! For the time, the 1970’s version was good I felt. I still feel much love for the first TV show. I still think of Elizabeth as blonde with all the curls! I don’t care for the new Elizabeth much.

Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two

Aidan Turner as Ross at the close of the first episode, POV Demelza (2015)

Courage shall grow keener, clearer the will,
the heart fiercer as our force faileth …
— Anglo-Saxon poem, The Battle of Maldon (as translated by Michael Alexander)

Dear friends and readers,

I had thought to make one more blog for this year comparing the 1975 to the 2015 Poldark mini-series, this one in response to Anibundel on the male hats and wigs and women’s hats, wigs, hair ribbons of another survey of the earlier series.

Demelza first seen is in a boy child hairdo, circa 1970s,

Angharad Rees as Demelza grown up, Gainsborough subdued, before becoming Ross’s lover

But I’ve discovered true to its origin in the progressive earlier sixties, hats are often eschewed or most often “simply historical accurate” in the plainest of ways. When the actors have hats on, they are tricornes



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